RVSA’s Project Management Consulting Services ensure the following key deliverables:
Timely completion
Cost control
Document control
Environment, Health and Safety

RVSA has, with its experience over several projects, evolved processes, formats and documentation to ensure that the Client and stakeholders experience total satisfaction through quality assurance and control, cost management, project documentation, site related safety and timely completion of project. How each of these is achieved is briefly elaborated.

A. Following proper procedure and selection criteria for prequalification of contractors
B. Recommendation of reputed brands
C. Timely approval of makes and processes and ensuring availability of equivalent alternatives
D. Implementing proper testing and inspection procedures
E. Strict site supervision
F. Immediate implementation of Consultants’ and Client’s instructions at site
G. Period quality audit during project execution and defects liability period

A. Planning and monitoring the overall time schedule
B. Procurement planning – issuing work orders on time
C. Ensuring availability of adequate resources at site, back-up plans
D. Tracking critical deliveries
E. Proper coordination with other agencies
F. Execution plan for prioritized handover

A. Accurate project cost estimates
B. Define precise bid packages and scope of work
C. Minimize scope for extra items and claims
D. Value engineering based on experience
E. Transparent tendering and negotiating process
F. Proper checking and certification of all pay out
G. Established process for change notices approval
H. Prior indication of cost and time impact due to changes and delays

A. Define and establish communication protocol between all project partners
B. Daily, weekly and monthly progress review reports
C. Periodic review meetings ensuring participation of all concerned
D. Availability of all project related data and documents on site
E. Proper handing over documents with check lists
F. Proper project closure with O&M manuals, as-built drawings, warranties and guarantees
G. Closure of accounts with penalty and recovery statement, prior to release of final payment and completion certificate.
H. Ensuring compliance of all statutory requirements contractors

A. Educate the project team to follow necessary EHS guidelines
B. Ensure safe working practices, with compulsory use of safety and protective equipment
C. Proper signage, barricading, diversions and adequate lighting as per site requirements
D. Additional precautions while working underground, under water and at heights
E. First-aid facility and access to emergency and advanced medical treatment, regular medical check-ups
F. Proper hygienic public health facilities for labour at site
G. Strict follow-up on all statutory compliance